Stand Up Week

NEWS / 10 November 2023

Stand Up Awareness Week (6 - 10 November) is being celebrated all around Stratford this week and the theme is Being an Ally. The initiative is part of a nationwide campaign where post-primary schools, youth services, and youth reach programs unite to take a firm stance against homophobic, bi-phobic, and transphobic bullying.

Speaking about the activities programme co-ordinator Linda Finnegan said: “This year’s Stand Up Week is emphasising the role and impact each of us can have in supporting our friends, classmates, and community members.We have been engaging in a variety of activities and discussions to emphasise our dedication to fostering a safe, accepting, and compassionate space for all in our school. We want to ensure that every student knows they are valued and respected for who they are."

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General School News, Student Council / 27 October 2023
Awards Ceremony: Stratford College Student Council Warmly Welcomed ...

Awards Ceremony: Stratford College Student Council Warmly Welcomed ...

The Irish Second-Level Students' Union (ISSU) Honoury President, Caitlin Faye Maniti, and President Shari Irfan @issu4u who joined the student councils from Stratford College  @StratfordDublin and The High School, Dublin @HsdNews on Friday 27th October in @StratfordDublin and who attended our school Awards Ceremony later that morning to answer student questions.

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