Sleep and Wellbeing: Disconnect to Reconnect

NEWS / 20 December 2023

See our Well Being School Improvement Plan (SIP) here and watch our short animated video which includes some of our survey findings and offers tips for a better night’s rest.

Sleep and Well Being in Stratford: Disconnect2Reconnect

Our Wellbeing Team has been very busy this year researching and thinking about sleep; what happens when we don’t get enough and how we can all get some more!

The real impact of social media and sleep hygiene on behaviour for learning was identified in surveys with students in February and May 2023 conducted by the Wellbeing Team. We also surveyed parents this year who said they would welcome support and practical advice on how to help students get more sleep.

As a result we have been running an active digital detox campaign across the school - Disconnect to Reconnect – encouraging students to be conscious of their screen time particularly at night. We are also actively working with students to raise awareness of good sleep hygiene and why it matters.

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