Past Pupils in Focus

NEWS / 13 January 2022

It is always so interesting to hear what Past Pupils are doing once they leave Stratford. From medicine to start-up companies, Stratford students are making waves.

Caoilinn White (2019) has moved to Kraków, Poland to study medicine. Caoilinn is studying at Jagiellonian University's Medical College for their 6-year-programme (until 2026). The trip to Rome that we had with my year back in 2017 had a great impact on me and really broadened my perspective on studying abroad to achieve my dream of becoming a doctor. It also made moving mid-pandemic much easier. For these reasons I'm still very grateful for that opportunity to this day.

David Berber (2001) is a FIFA Licensed Player Agent at DB Sports Tours.

Megan Smith (2006) is now working for HubSpot as Global Head of Deal Strategy.

Paul Davidson (2006) is Principal at Octopus Ventures (Business-To-Business specialist investments).

David Levine (1995) is Founder/ex CEO at Digital Bridge HQ.

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