Lives Illuminated: A Joint TY 2023 Jewish Arts Culture Ireland (JACI) project

NEWS / 30 March 2023

Jewish Arts and Culture Ireland (JACI) delivered a varied and unique programme to TY students covering a range of artforms and aspects of culture including poetry, literature, language, oral history, music, visual art, and heritage.

Students enjoyed the opportunity to explore Jewish culture and heritage in Ireland, in a very practical and hands on way, learning new skills and growing in confidence while doing so - from developing their critical skills, media literacy, and film making abilities, to collaboration and communication.

Thank you to all who participated with special mention to the ‘elders’ whose generosity of spirit was so evident throughout this intergenerational project.

And to our long serving Trustees, Alan Green, Carolyn Collins and Monty Ross who are stepping down after over forty years of service. As past pupils, parents, grandparent sand Trustees they have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of our schools.

This project is dedicated to them.

‘….the windows of a classroom always open to the future……’ Yehuda Amichai

Patricia Gordon

See web gallery 2022-2023 for more pictures.

See Stratford YouTube channel for Lives Illuminated Film Clips.

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