NEWS / 8 January 2024

Stratford College is thrilled to have four projects invited to exhibit at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition this month. This is a huge result for the school and comes after the best individual project last year was won by our former 6th Year student Ayush Tambde. There were over 2,000 entries with 550 projects selected for the final exhibition. 

Ms O'Kelly

Ritvik, Noah and Hoa Wen (Third Year) are entered in to the Intermediate, Group, Chemical, Physical & Mathematical Sciences category with their project, “Investigating if AI can help us make better batteries”.

Bláithnáid (TY) has designed a robot to help provide assistance to older people called “Helper 347”. Bláithnáid is entered in the Intermediate Individual, Health & Wellbeing category.

Liam and Joseph, (TY) are entered in to the Intermediate, Group, Technology category with their project, “Sienna: Your dynamic AI Voice companion – Redefining Personal Assistance”.

Stratford’s fourth project, (Second Year) Ciara’s project title is “ISL (Irish Sign Language) Translator and is entered in the Junior, Individual, Techology section.


Judging begins on Wednesday 10th January and the doors open to the public from Thursday 11th – 13th January.

It is Liam and Joseph’s second time to be invited to BTYSTE and for the rest of our students it is their first experience! 

We wish each of them the very best of luck in this exciting competition! Stratford is very proud of you all!

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