Welcome back everyone!

NEWS / 5 September 2023

We hope all our students are rested after the summer break and are ready to focus on their learning and their wellbeing.

I’d also like to say many congratulations to our graduating sixth year students who achieved wonderful results in their exams and are now embarking on their third level adventures. We are very proud – their hard work and focus has paid off.

How can students get off to the best start this academic year?

Firstly, think about the behaviours which are necessary for learning this year such as being organised, being responsible and respectful.It might be as simple as committing to always being on time, or to not speaking over others in class, but small changes in how we behave together can make a huge difference to our experience of school.

Secondly, make sure to get enough sleep, take time away from phones and devices, exercise and make a choice to get involved in aspects of school life which you may not have before. Feeling connected and finding interests away from technology are vital for wellbeing and reduce anxiety and feelings of isolation. A great way to start the new academic year would be to work on changing some negative habits in small, meaningful ways, being conscious of our behaviour and how it affects others, as well as exploring new passions and interests which the school offers.

You’ve spoken before about the concept of flourishing: what does that mean?

To flourish is to find fulfilment in our lives, through accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile tasks, as well as connecting with others at a deeper level.

Building on our phone away initiative last year, our new Disconnect to Reconnect campaign, which was designed in consultation with students will launch this year and we’ll have lots of exciting news over the coming months about it. We ask that parents and families support as best as they can. Students have faced many challenges post-Covid and we all need to work together to find ways to address and overcome these challenges.

To families and students new to Stratford College how would you describe the mission of the school?

We are dedicated to promoting personal achievement and academic success for all our students in a vibrant co-educational, village campus. Starting secondary school is both an exciting and daunting time, but staff and our older students are here to show you the way. We’ve also had some wonderful induction events with TeamWorks over the summer that we know have helped our incoming First Year students get to know each other and Stratford.

What advice do you have for parents and guardians generally at the start of this new year?

Take time to listen to students and their teachers as we navigate our way into a new academic year, also consider getting involved with our Parents Association to get to know more people in the school and form connections.

Familiarise yourself with the codes of conduct and behaviour expected within school and encourage your sons and daughters to develop the right attitude for learning - respect for others, personal responsibility and organisation.

Challenges are normal but working together parents, students and teachers, on issues around behaviour and expectations is important. It is vital that we have a trusting and collaborative relationship so as to ensure students can succeed both academically and personally.

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