3rd year student's poem written at Writing Club

NEWS / 24 January 2023

Joseph wrote this in Writers' Group. He was asked to write a poem with the following five words in it: mark, hybrid, ring, serpent, lace. The double entende meanings allowed for fresh interpretations e.g. Lace: a shoe lace? a rim of embroidered lace, to lace - to contaminate a drink etc.

We studied it in class today as an unseen poem. The students really enjoyed analysing it and were super impressed to find out it was Joseph who wrote it!

Ms Reynolds

Nokia Tune by Joseph Mudrak (3rd Year)

I wrote this hybrid poem/rant for you,
But mark my words: it will get heated, fast.

A ring. That’s how it started – with that ring.
That awkward, grating, good-for-nothing ring
With which you have tormented me galore.
A ring so rampant, resonant, and loud
You’d understand how I think it’s too much.
Nokia’s famous jingle. Answer. Here goes.

‘Hello, and how are you? How was your day?’
The usual exchange of pleasantries
Serves as a nice segue into my rant.
Because that’s when they start: torrential floods
Of prying, creepy questions and the like.
No matter what I do, or where I go,
You always feel you must be in the know.
You choke me, as a serpent would its prey,
To signal all its relatives’ demise.
It would be like you to want the same:
their food with poison, I don’t know.
You are a creep, and I won’t let it slide.

‘I have to go. Talk to you later. Bye!’
I am quite a good liar, aren’t I?

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