2nd Year Inter-Class debate: "This house believes that Humanity should fear advances in AI"

NEWS / 7 February 2023

Congratulations to the opposition team, 2Y! They won their inter-class debate on the motion, 'This house believes that Humanity should fear advances in AI'. There was superb engagement from all debaters. They took points of information confidently and incorporated rebuttal and refutation into their debates as they progressed through the debate.

Members of the winning team were: Captain; Christopher Coughlan, Second speaker; Cecily Clare, Third speaker; Arthur Schwartz, Fourth speaker: Ethan Riordan. Members of the proposition were: Captain; Ritvik Venkateshwar, Second speaker; Sophia McDermot, Third speaker; Noah Twyford, and Fourth speaker; Ugo Okoro. Well done to all who debated.

The winning team will now go on to debate the third years. May the best team win!

Ms Reynolds

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