6th Year Graduation, 13th May 2022

GALLERY / 16 May 2022

This year's 6th Year Graduation was held outside again on a beautiful (but slightly chilly) Friday afternoon. For the first time since before the pandemic, parents and family, were invited to the ceremony. It was a beautiful day! Many thanks to Ms Gordon, Ms Conlon (class tutor), Ms Talbot & Student Council, the Parents Association, teachers, parents and family for making it such a memorable day. Photographs: David Cancelli (1st Year)

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Gallery / 27 October 2023
Annual Awards Ceremony, 27th October 2023

Annual Awards Ceremony, 27th October 2023

Student Council, led by Ms Talbot, organised a fantastic Awards Ceremony. It started early in the morning with the ISSU President, Shari Irfan meeting with the Student Councils from Stratford College and The High School, Dublin. This was then followed with refreshments out front of the school where last year's 6th years all met up again.  The Awards Ceremony itself started musical interludes co-ordinated by Ms Conlon, followed by Ms Gordon speaking to the school and then a Q&A session with the ISSU President - with many excellent questions from students. The Awards Ceremony celebrated the many achievements of our students in 2022-2023. We finished up with more fantastic music from senior students. Thanks to John our caretaker, Student Council and TY's who helped set up and tidy up the hall.

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