Admissions for First Year 2023

Submit an Expression of Interest for 2023.

Please note an Expression of Interest form is not deemed a formal application.


Places that have been offered and accepted prior to February 2020, when the new legislation came into effect, will remain so.

Applications for 2023 received before the 1st February 2020 have been placed on our waiting list and will be processed accordingly.

Transition into Stratford College

To ensure students transition as smoothly as possible into Junior Cycle we have the following measures in place.

  • Our Annual Open Day in September.
  • A new parent’s enrolment meeting in March every year, to give parents a chance to meet teaching staff and other families. This ensures they get more familiar with the school before 1st Year begins.
  • In April students attend an Orientation Day to meet their classmates, see around the school and hear from our current 1st Years about their subjects, books, timetables and books. This makes them more comfortable with the transition from their primary schools to Stratford.
  • In August 1st Years begin the day before the rest of the school ensuring they have their lockers, timetables and have met their Class Tutor and some of their subject teachers before everyone else.
  • A mentor system to ensure 1st Years have an older student to guide and support them during those first few weeks of term.
  • In September we hold an information meeting for parents on Study Skills.
  • Parent -teacher meeting, progress reports and house exams follow.

The 1st Years 2021-2022 Experience

This Is Us!

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