In February 2014 the Department of Education and Skills (DES) undertook a whole school evaluation of Stratford College focused on management, leadership and learning within the school.

Extensive interviews with parents, students and teachers, as well as on-site reviews of lessons and materials, were undertaken and the key findings were:

  • Highly organised and motivated Board of Management.
  • Emergence of a holistic, professional learning community is tangible within the school.
  • The principal demonstrates highly dynamic leadership including engagement and leadership in educational innovation.
  • The principal and deputy principal work closely together as a cohesive senior management team with high levels of collaboration and ownership of the school’s educational priorities.
  • Both parents and students confirmed that the atmosphere and ethos of the school are permeated by key principles of kindness and tolerance.
  • Teachers are highly committed, motivated and enthusiastic and have engaged effectively with up-to-date professional development.
  • Student support structures are very good and features of exemplary practice noted in the support of students welfare and well-being.
  • Overall the quality of teaching and learning observed was very good and some excellent practice noted

Download the full report (PDF) which was issued on 2nd October 2014.