Founded in 1954 by the Dublin Jewish Community, today Stratford College welcomes students of all faiths and none. This commitment to cultural and religious diversity, while at the same time being committed to the religious education and formation of our Jewish students, makes our school truly unique in an Irish context.

Our rich heritage is a deep and important driver of who we are, the core values of which are reflected in the lived values of the school - openness, respect, tolerance, care, engagement with our community and the world, and excellence in teaching and learning.

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Belonging Together


Stratford College Ethos Standards and Statements of Effective Practice: A Quality Framework


The 'Lives Illuminated' Project, an oral and local history project,. celebrated the Platinum Anniversary of the founding of Stratford College.   See here for further details.

Diamond Jubilee 2014 

Our book, '60 Years A Growing' (2014) looks at Stratford through the eyes of some of our past students and staff. Enter Diamond Jubilee (Art; Concert; Celebrates/Celebrations; Visit; and/or Book) in search for more details. 

Golden Jubilee 2003-04

Stratford College celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2003. The 50th Anniversary celebrations were centered on the theme of Art in Stratford. Enter Golden Jubilee in search for more details.