This Is Us!

Stratford Mural

Stratford College is a co-educational fee-paying secondary school in Rathgar, Dublin 6. Originally founded by the Jewish community in 1954, today the school welcomes students of all faiths and none. This commitment to cultural and religious diversity is what makes our school truly unique.

Our mission is to provide a teaching and learning community committed to quality and excellence in education. We educate our students in an inclusive academic environment which fosters a sense of personal and academic achievement, respect for diversity and service to the community.

Staff and students undertook some work on what Stratford College means to them and how they define their experience of being in school here. We have animated this in our short video 'This is Us'. It was very interesting to see both groups coming up with similar themes. The results can be seen in the mural displayed in the office, on the Ground Floor and here!

Thanks to Eugene Grey and Cian, Finn and Josh (TY) for their work on making the video. In April 2020, the same TY students made an extended version of 'This is Us'.

Stratford College - 60 Years A Growing

Our book, '60 Years A Growing' (2014) looks at Stratford through the eyes of some of our past students and staff.

Diamond Jubilee Concert November 2016 Programme

60 Years A Growing

History of our Building

The school was first located in a house called ‘Stratford’ on Terenure Road East. Some years later the opportunity to move the College to the present complex in Rathgar occurred. In 1981 a new building was erected. It was officially opened in 1983 as can be seen in a broadcast from the RTÉ Television Archives. Today only the elegant mid - Victorian facade remains of the original house.

'Glengyle, Rathgar: The History of a House and its Occupants', by Enda MacMahon (2016) explains in detail about the history of the building.
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Golden Jubilee: 2003

Stratford College celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 2003. The 50th Anniversary celebrations were centered on the theme of Art in Stratford. Earlier in the year, a commemorative assembly was held at which Mrs Elaine Feldman, one of the school’s founders, spoke eloquently, and a number of past pupils and prominent members of the Jewish community and the wider school community were in attendance.

Stratford is proud of its rich 60-year heritage but also embraces the future with a dynamic and diverse student population.

Golden Jubilee: President McAleese’s Visit

Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition: Artist-in-Residence - Christopher Banahan

Golden Jubilee Programme