Health & Well Being

Health & Well Being

At Stratford College we believe in community and a sense of belonging. These are the building blocks that help an individual build a sense of resilience and connectedness – vital for positive mental health. 

The whole school environment and the formal and informal relationships between teachers and students all impact on students’ experience of wellbeing in school.

To support students, Stratford strives to –

  • Develop and maintain a safe and caring environment
  • Promote an ethos whereby diversity is accepted and valued
  • Respect the unique potential of every student
  • Actively encourage students to participate in extra and co-curricular activities
  • Implement the SPHE curriculum in full to help students explore issues and develop their coping skills
  • Ensure staff undertake regular continuous professional development and have greater awareness of issues impacting mental health
  • Have dedicated class tutors and supports in place
  • Have an active relationship with parents.

Stratford College is also introducing the highly regarded 'Friends for Life' Programme on a pilot basis to our 2nd Years - click here for more details. The ‘FRIENDS for Life’ programme is a school-based positive mental health programme.

You can read more about our overall approach in our Pastoral Care policy.

We are all learning - parents, teachers and students - on how best to handle mental health issues.  We are not the experts and don’t have all the answers. 

We can however work together to develop an environment where the culture and ethos maximises the student’s opportunity for personal development and gives them a sense of belonging.


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  • DES Programme Evaluation in Transition Year

    Read the Department of Education and Skills Report on the Programme Evaluation in Transition Year. The inspection was in November 2016.

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