Sport for all, sport for life!

TYs - sport for all, sport for life Photo: Ms Finnegan
NEWS / 5 November 2018

Regular exercise is important to teenagers because it helps maintain their physical and mental health. Students should strive for at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily, aiming to spend less time being sedentary and more time being active. 

If students can discover physical activities they enjoy, they are more likely to exercise on a regular basis and continue exercising into adulthood. 

Parents can encourage students to exercise regularly by setting a good example and becoming more active themselves. Physical exercise encourages the body’s production of endorphins, chemicals that improve our mood.  Exercise reduces the risk of depression, increases self-esteem, builds self-confidence and promotes restful sleep. It also enhances thinking and learning skills and may improve academic performance. See also

Ms. Finnegan (PE Teacher)

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