The Stratford College campus is set within a safe and beautiful complex in the heart of Rathgar Village, Dublin 6.

Students enjoy a modern learning environment within the grandeur of a Victorian period house. The intimate setting helps build a strong sense of community, a particular benefit for students joining in First Year.

Dedicated class tutors and excellent supports are in place to advocate for and address students’ concerns, while staff strive to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

There are specialist subject rooms within the school for Art, Science and Computers alongside our library and on-site sports facilities.

Art Room

The Art department / room is well stocked with a broad range of materials that gives students the opportunity to investigate and gain aesthetic experiences developing their own unique style.

Science Labs

Practical, hands on laboratory work is at the core of our science teaching and our Science labs encourages curiosity and investigation; developing students’ interest in the science of the world around them.


Our Library overseen by our passionate librarian offers a wide range of information to support both the academic and leisure needs of the school. Students and staff can access the Library webpage for up-to-the minute information and online resources.


During 2013 - 2016, Stratford College made significant investments in the school's ICT infrastructure. Upgrades to the cabling network, server, Wi-Fi, 100MB broadband internet connection, classroom and computer lab computers, school management system, school website and Virtual Learning Environment enable Stratford to effectively implement 21st Century teaching and learning methodologies inside and outside the classroom.

Career Guidance Office

In a world with an increasingly diversifying range of careers on offer, our Career Guidance office is focused on preparing our students for the world that awaits them.

Sports Grounds

Our sports grounds are located on-site and consist of two outdoor basketball courts, spacious multi-purpose outside pitch and indoor hall and the use of the adjacent Rathgar Tennis Club facilities.